Steven with his typical 80s afro

Steven Universe is the main protagonist in Steven Universe Tv Series. He is a 14 year old boy who lives in the Beach City. Steven always spend his time saving YTP World in alternative realities via portals created by Gwonam.


He likes to create cats in his fingers and he likes to talk to Amethyst. He also likes to be a king. Steven likes to break his pingas when he likes to go to the bathroom. He loves cookie cats and lemon lions. Once he took over the ocean by drinking all of it. Then he put it back but never apologized. He had sex with Pearl. He made Garnet into the greatest face in Koridai, or else you will die. He made clones just to take over the Weegee Empire. He made lotsa spaghetti instead of "we wouldn't have hot dogs" just to make if pork chops weren't perfect. It's rumored that a wizard cursed his shirt and now it's the most dangerous thing about him so never ever look at that star on his shirt. It will make you pure evil.


Steven was born in Beach City, a island located in Koridai and founded by Billy Mays during his golden era in Hyrule. Then a day while Steven was stealing food from his neighbor, he was chosen to carry one of the universe's most retarded task. His original intentions were to be a hero. After his father abused him and watching a fair amount of pornography, he became into what he is now: a "possible" hero. He then used his powers to take over the city and become a child king, similar to Haddakini Harkinian. His "Friends" like Lars and Lion are so afraid that Steven will rape them, that they don't even bother stopping him. Nowadays, he is the king of Starlight City but he always spend his time in Koridai. Steven also is Sanic's 1# fan and he even tried to summon him in Koridai, however this just made Sanic killed and raped many citizens in Koridai while Steven was happy for what his hero was doing (Steven was punished by Garnet kicking him in the balls that day).

Steven also has been seen fusing with his friend Connie and fellow Dimension Warrior Amythest



  • Vince Offer
  • Lars (when he isn't obeying him)
  • Being watched when he's sleeping (especially by Pearl)
  • Johnny Test (Steven knows that he is worse than him)
  • The Red Guy
  • Taxes


YTP Steven poops on the Universe (WIP)-0

YTP Steven poops on the Universe (WIP)-0

Mini YTP Garnet Hates Michael Rosen-0

Mini YTP Garnet Hates Michael Rosen-0


  • Steven's middle name is not "Quartz", but it reveals to be "Diamond" which makes him to be one of the "Will of the D." alongside with [[Pinkie Pie]|Pinkie D. Pie]].