"Good Morning USA"
– Stan


Stan Smith is a CIA worker from the show American Dad. He is an extreme patriot, a drunk, and a ghetto inhabitant.


He grew as any little kid would: Life is good until you get mentally scarred by something you can never forget. He grew up hating everything except God and America. Now, he works in a middle class society, in an abusive job, with a crappy life. He forces his views of Christianity on his friends and family like a selfish dick. He hates everyone that is a LGBT.

Likes and DislikesEdit


  • Playboy
  • Republicans
  • Christianity
  • Patriots
  • Guns
    • Pistols, Uzis, Shotguns; anything
  • Wine


  • Eastern Countries
  • Democrats
  • LGBT
  • The Coachman
  • Any Non-American Nation
  • His son
    • Pretty much his own family


Since he hated his life, he put a bullet in his head after the pilot episode. However, the CIA made a copy of him which is why everyone thinks he is still alive.

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