Squidward scared
Squidward's House is a badass tiki in Bikini Bottom, which was once a normal house. However, after the great Equestria-Bikini Bottom War, it became huge for some reason. People from all around the globe drop by Squidward's House while Squidward is taking a bath, most of which go into the bathroom to say hi (Squidward never learns to lock the door).

Squidward always replies by screaming, from Spongebob to Chuck Norris, it's always the same reaction every single time. It is widely believed that Squidward likes people dropping by his house, however, Squidward never told his opinion on it. Squidward's House was declared a national landmark in 2012, and it still is today in 2018.

It has been destroyed and rebuilt 163 times.

As seen in the successful YouTube animation channel ANTHRORANGERX, there exists a squid named Squidweird. He is a religious follower of squidward and lives in a replica of squidward's house.

Many tragic events happened in squidward's house. Most infamous is the squidward toenail scene.

List of People who dropped by Squidward's House

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