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Sniper is Spy!


Spy (1972) is the ninja from the Team Fortress series. He once attempted to kill Heavy and Sniper if he tried. They often mistake him for a Shy Guy. He also has a love interest in Black Spy and White Spy.

TF2 Joins the Death SquadEdit

After the UMA transformed into the Death Squad, everyone from TF2 joined the Death Squad.


  • Gentlemen?
  • No, that would be your mother.
  • So listen up, boy, the pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing that happens to you today.
  • Indeed. And now, he's here to f*** us!
  • This spy has already reached our defences.
  • You see what he has done to our colleagues!
  • And worst of all, he could be anyone of us!

    POW! HAHA!

  • He could be anyone in this very room,
  • he could be you, he could be me, he could even be-


  • Humping the air
  • Apples



  • Spy is secretly a toon... in disguise!!

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