Spongebob And Ransack go into a Galaxy Shift is a YTP by SuperApexRainbows (aka Doaler4sBack's YTP Alt)


Spongebob tries to do karate with Sandy while Ransack races with the Autobots.

Then a person named Sentra (its dipper from gravity falls but with his body all red and quirky movements) opened a Casino called Casino Shift and the both of our heroes try to win money but get sucked in to a portal called "Galaxy Shift"

The galaxy shift took them to diffrent dimensions until going into the set of MoBrosStudio's YTP, Skellington's Revenge, at the part where the heroes are battling Black Hiver.

Then Ransack's big metal crap bonked to Black Hiver and killed him, no summon kill power, just a big BOINK and he is dead.


The heroes are back in the dimension, Sentra is killed by Patrick, and Ransack went back to Cybertron and Spongebob went back to Bikini Bottom, within hugging eachother and saying "BEST FRIENDS!"

NOTE: I am SuperApexRainbows.

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