YTP SpingleBlab Gets a Horrible New Job

YTP SpingleBlab Gets a Horrible New Job

Youtube Poop: SpingleBlab Gets a Horrible New Job (AKA Sexual Harrassment training video), is a YTP made by SiNN3D_tragedy. In this video, SpongeBob teaches us how to waste your life trying to be approved in a job which later will fire you.


The video begins with the narrator telling us the story of the Krusty Krab and at the same time, tells us about the morbid and dark origins of Mr. Krabs and how he was a fapper who saw pony porn during his childhood. SpongeBob tries to do everything to make Mr. Krabs and the narrator say he can make a Krabby Patty, but they respond mockingly and this made SpongeBob bit by bit more angry and desperate. Meanwhile, Squidward teaches us how to waste your time in your job having sex with other employees without the owner of the restaurant know about this. Patrick is horrified because he believes that ghosts have taken over the Krusty Krab and take a millenium to ask for a Krabby Pattie while this made Squidward crap. At the end of the video, SpongeBob commits suicide after seeing Squidward and Patrick eating shit and having gay sex in his Vaio Computer.


narrator: Welcome aboard you sag of ****. If your sucking my c*** then let me be the first to say. Your gay.Congratulations! You've recently been Hi- *Text appears saying "no"* you recently been ripe by the Krusty s***

SpingleBlab: Can i make a crap now?

narrator: Oh no no wow. you've got a lot to learn before you're ready to s*** on Squidward. As you can see by this-

Patrick: HAHAHAHA! it a graft!

*static with text saying "Okay I Know this YTP as it is unfolding right now is booooring. but cut me some slack.This episode is hard to work with due to lack of interaction between the characters

narrator: You have been employed in one of the most successful restaurants in Bikini Bottom. BBBBBBOOOOOOTTTTTOMMMMMMMM *a mad dash appears with yellow flashy light* But it didn't that gay over night 666 *an evil laugh can be heard in the background including a volcano. Then the video starts flipping horizontaley* Not a *The animated swirl effect appears combine with vibrato* Krabby Krust is a story of one man hard c***ey retardation vi*** and swuse but mostly his sweat.


Narrator: You may think Mr. Eugene H. Krabs, owner and f***er of I Give You Krabs, Inc, has masturbated to ponies.

(we see Mr. Krabs vending a My Little Pony magazine)

Narrator: And you're right!