SpingleBlab is, as the name says, yet another clone of SpongeBob SquarePants. He worked at the restaurant the Rusty Krap, until he was fired because Mr. Krabs wanted to save a nickel or possibly even less.

History Edit

SpingleBlab was born in Bottom Bikini on August 10, 2012. At this time, his brothers were SpongeBob, Spingebill, and Spengbab. The result of the war caused them to split up, and to be safe, SpingleBlab took a path leading into the woods, straight to a factory and slept on a conveyor belt, which resulted in his body being destroyed and ripped apart.

Patreegee later found him and made him a indestructible robot, and later made him a full Cyborg (Not that one). He died on October 27, 2019 in the future after getting blown up by a tank.


  • He appeared in a Vinesauce stream once.
    • As such, he is also called "Spindleburb" and "Sprrelbab".

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