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The Spinge Squad was an evil organization founded by Spingebill and The Masked One (hides his face and voice) during War of the Squads. It was mainly made up of rejected or fired members of the T.D Squad or the Death Squad.  Their plans were to destroy both squads. The main objective of the group was to destroy Dark Tails (for being a killer) and Mewtwo (for being a traitor).

The two remaining Skodwarde Squad members that survived the UMA's Project "P" also joined this group to avenge the deaths of Spengbab, Rick-Pat, Skodwarde, DEUUEAUGH Fish, and Pranktin. Along with rejected members of the T.D Squad.


Rejected or Killed MembersEdit


Mewtwo later sent forces to capture and kill Dark Tails who made an agreement with Da-Da, Dark Tails will not kill Da-Da and work as Da-Da's assassin and Da-Da will let Dark Tails into the dream world. Dark Tails then entered the dream world, never to return. With that the Spinge Squad, the T.D Squad, and the Death Squad all declared him dead. Two months later they all entered peace and merged into one squad - the Mewtwo Squad.

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