Spike Warning Twilight
Spike is Twilight Sparkle's assistant and personal slave in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He worked at the library (now he works in a bigger, more stupid castle in Ponyville looking like the old library) without pay due to being in serious debt. Today, Spike is trapped in a dungeon while he's raped by Rarity.

Weed Addiction

Ever since he started working for Twilight, Spike has been a heavy weed smoker. He would tear out pages from Twilight's books, and roll them up into joints. When high, he would get the munchies and eat all of Twilight's food. She banned him from the kitchen, and Spike now eats Pinkie Pie's discarded cupcakes out of the garbage. He also used drugs like Bath Salts, Scopolamine, Crystal Meth etc.

Love Interest

During his stay in Ponyville, Spike met Rarity a UFD (Unicorn Fashion Designer) who was aspired to create dresses with fur of ponies, unicorns and pegasus in Equestria. Spike falls in love with her. Lamentably for him, he didn't take long to realize that she was a rapist and a pedophile. Since that day, Spike was kidnapped by Rarity and now he's trapped in a dungeon while she rapes him all the time.



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