Sonic and Robotnik's sodomy hour!


April 1, 2006






Mega Man X2 Overdrive Ostrich Fight

Comedy Genre:

Ribaldry, surreal humor

Sonic and Robotnik's sodomy hour! was (with the other contestant being I'd say He's hot on our tail) possibly the very first YouTube Poop ever made (despite the fact that 'YouTube Poop' isn't in the title of the video). It was created by SuperYoshi on April 1, 2006.


If you don't like watching crap with random slow downs and speed ups, then you'll probably wanna rape me for making this. If you DO happen to have a twisted sense of humor, like all the cool kids, then enjoy."


The poop starts with Dr. Robotnik laughing and speaking slowly. Tails spots Scratch and Grounder pointing the other way. Sonic then asks "but if you didn't take him, where'd he go?" He then spots Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder dancing. Robotnik then crashes into the ground and starts talking slowly on the phone. Sonic and Tails then start talking slowly too. Coconuts then stands on an X with Tails yelling a big, slow "noooo" as a train comes. Robotnik continues yelling at his minions and then threatens to melt the person he is speaking to on the phone down.

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