Full Name Sonic.exe
Background Information
Status Depends
Likes See likes section
Dislikes See dislikes section
Alignment Evil
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog/God
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Red
Height 3'3" (100 cm)
Weight 77 lbs. (35 kg)
Breast Size
Power Level Unknown
Enemies Sonic
Dark Link
Date Joined

Sonic.exe is a chaos god that has the physical form of an EDGY Sonic (Basically Mary Sue Shadow). He originated from a creepypasta, and entered the YTP world where he found out the existence of Creepistan. Sonic.exe resides in his dimension, where the water is blood-red and is 20% other body fluids.

He was created by an idiot who knows nothing about computing, so he knows nothing about Macs.


Sonic.exe's best known form looks just like Sonic the Hedgehog, only he's a bit taller, and as you can tell his eyes are bleeding. He typically keeps himself like this, as it makes him really, really spooky.

He commands an army of demented things, such as .EXE forms of Sonic characters and the dementedly infamous Trollface.exe. He also has way too much power for his own good, usually used to blow people up into gore and rape little children.


  • Killing things
    • Especially Sonic characters
  • Blood
  • Playing with souls
  • His (more successful than Sonic) games
  • Torture
  • MOAR blood
  • Taking Mangle apart and throwing its pieces at Dark Link and those who defy him.
  • Did I mention blud?
  • Anything Demonic
  • Emos
  • Sex
  • Other Mary Sues
  • Windows Vista



Relations with Dark LinkEdit

A long time ago, Sonic.exe was born from darkness and BLUUD. Dark Link and Sonic.exe worked like hunters kidnapping princesses and giving them to Skodwarde. Then, one day, they were sent to destroy the Great Mighty Poo. However, when they arrived in Poo Land the Great Mighty Poo said a few of motivating words. These words had quite an effect Dark Link who instantly attacked Sonic.exe, and the two fought.

Sonic.exe killed Dark Link, but because Dark Link has immortality, Dark Link came back and backstabbed Sonic.exe. Literally! There was so much blood.

However, as expected from someone that powerful, Sonic.exe survived with very little injury. However, in the end, Dark Link beat Sonic.exe up and the latter SWORE revenge.

The Video GameEdit

He made his dimension accessible via a video game with his name. A clone is freed, typically in the form of a blood-soaked plush toy, every time the game is completed.

In this game, he tortures and murders Sonic characters. However, while there is no evidence that these are real characters, there is plenty of evidence that this is a problem.

In 2016, it was leaked that Drew Pickles occasionally resided immediately offscreen, until he got trapped in a suit several years before.

Arrival in the YTP WorldEdit

In 2014, Sonic.exe heard of a spoopy place called Creepistan, and decided to go there. He was soon promoted to presidential status. Today, he uses the country as an excuse to murder people affiliated with ISIS and Hillary Clinton just for the fun of it.

Hide and SeekEdit

Ready for Round 2, ?


  • Sonic.exe appeared in roughly a dozen YouTube Poops. Perhaps the best one (and the only one that's actually good) he appeared in is Spingebill's Hazardous Camping Episode{, where he tried to kill Squidward while he was playing his clarinet.
  • His laugher was taken from Kefka's laugh.
  • He has no redeeming qualities as a good character whatsoever.
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