Sonic-Spongebob Crossover Series Title Card

Title Card

The Sonic-Spongebob Crossover Series (SSCS) was a YouTube Poop series created by MTPStudios. The episodes contained mainly Spongebob and Sonic related content. The pilot episode was the only episode released, and is currently for download.


The setting is mainly in Bikini Bottom and, sometimes, Mobius.



Sonic Edit

SpongeBob Edit




List of EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Dark Tails
  2. Patrick gets a gun for Sparta

Copyright Edit

Cancellation Edit

The same day for the official re-release, the series was cancelled on YouTube because Viacom blocked the original pilot because of copyrighted content. MTPStudios tried to get around this but failed.

Hopeful Revival Edit

After SSCS was blocked by Viacom, MTPStudios moved on to a new big project. It was noted that the new project will contains scenes from both Dark Tails and Patrick gets a gun for Sparta. It will also contain black annotations over the faces of the SpongeBob characters, norrowing the changes Viacom has of taking the it down.


MTPStudios tested with, seeing the pilot was uploaded as a download on MF, the test failed. MTPStudios tried again later and succeeded, for now.


MTPStudios then tried to upload the pilot to, thanks to a comment suggesting it. It was successful at first.


The pilot is currently for download as a 480p29.97 MP4:




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