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The Sniper is yet another character from the Team Fortress series. He has an Australian accent and has a positive attitude most of the time.



TARGET YTP Character 300: Heavy

Quotes Edit

  • Headshot.
  • Are you crazy? I'm an assassin Dad.
  • It's not like someone would walk to there death for a Golf Trophy.
  • As long as there's 2 people left on the planet, someone is going to want someone dead.
  • Are you joking? It's not like a have a mental sickness.
  • I'll be honest. My parents honestly do care. (that he's an assassin)
  • Professionals have standards, be polite, be efficient, and your plan to kill everyone you meet "Points sniper (gun) at screen" *BOOM*
  • Auggh, Dad put Mom on the phone.

Loves Edit


  • His asshole dad
  • Fred Figglehorn
  • Snyphurr (because he looks like him)
  • BLU Team or RED Team (considering which team the player picks)
  • Engineer (because he thinks he's racist)
  • Spy (because he always back stabs him

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