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The Skodwarde Squad is a group of cephalopods, crustaceans, and some other aquatic life forms (with the exception of Fizzy Walnuts, the kung fu squirrel master and Psycho Idiot, the idiot human gamer) that dwell the Downtown District of Bikini Bottom in the land of YouTube Poop. It was created by Squidward Tentacles and was lead by Skodwarde as they did the dirty work of their master.   

Main MembersEdit


Skodwarde after he killed Patrick

War with the UMAEdit

The Skodwarde Squad is currently at war with the UMA, short for United Monsters of America (founded by Tubby). Dark Tails, the current UMA leader, is very determined to destroy every member of the Skodwarde Squad, and he has proven that the UMA is just as strong. Even though the UMA has less mutants, the members are all much older and have a lot more experience in battle.  The two things that keep UMA from taking down Squidward is the rogue life forms that were used to kill Weegee, and the revered Blacker Belt Karate Master Fizzy Walnuts being a part of the Skodwarde Squad.

SS's Last StandEdit

The First War with the UMA ended with Project "P" which killed every SS member except for Skodwarde, Moar Krabs, and Fizzy Walnuts. Skodwarde was later killed by Dark Tails.  Fizzy resurrected one member, Pranktin, by combining the souls of Giygas and two other members.  This resulted in the creation of an unbeatable satanic demon whose name was Giywardeaugh, making a second war a likely possibility.


Unfortunately, Giywardeaugh was killed in The Second War after Dark Tails transformed himself into an equally powerful monster called DarkTeegee Norris and killed Giywardeaugh. Project "P" was employed to destroy the remaining members of the Skodwarde Squad, and only Fizzy Walnuts and Moar Krabs survived. But Fizzy Walnuts found a way to create a new machine with his DNA called Dark Mercury. Unfortunately it turned out to be another failure and the Skodwarde Squad came to its end afterwards.


to save their army from falling apart, The BingBong gang revived any members.Many were ressurected

For saving them they joined the BingBong Gang to try to defeat all enemies