Skodwarde Squad Logo

The Skodwarde Squad is a group of cephalopods, crustaceans, and some other aquatic life forms (with the exception of Fizzy Walnuts, the kung fu squirrel master and Psycho Idiot, the idiot human gamer) that dwell the Downtown District of Bikini Bottom in the land of YouTube Poop. It was created by Squidward Tentacles and was lead by Skodwarde as they did the dirty work of their master. 

The Skodwarde Squad was responsible for many atrocitites such as stealing a balloon, killing birds, telling Yo Momma's jokes and creating propaganda to view themselves as god. Skodwarde was the one behind everything and won't stop until seeing YTP World reduced to ashes. However, he needed to get rid of the supreme president at the time, Weegee. Skodwarde also worked with a bratty, trolly, shitty retarded rat of retardedness and his army in order to fulfill his goals, and would later betray the rat and his army by killing them all. Later the squad started a riot in Koridai and Skodwarde fought Weegee and Ratigan (who sadly survived) killed them both.

However, when the Skodwarde Squad thought they were victorious, King Leonidas killed Skodwarde screaming "This is Sparta" before kicking Skodwarde down a well, ending the leader of the squad. After the event, Moar Krabs decided to dissolve the organization and almost everyone got arrested and sent to Hyrule State Prison for the rest of their lives.

Main Members


Skodwarde after he killed Patrick