Skodwarde 1
Full Name
Background Information
Status Deceased
Nationality Bikini Bottomite
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Sexual Orientation Straight
Religion His own
Physical Description
Species Demonic Squid
Gender Male
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined
"Does this look unsure to you?"
– Skodwarde's catchphrase before killing someone
Skodwarde was the leader of the Skodwarde Squad. Nobody knows where it came from or how it's been around. He is from the SpongeBob episode Just One Bite.


Crime Life

Unlike it's fellow members of the Squad, Skodwarde is not harmless. It is a stark raving, knife plunging lunatic that has paralyzed Bikini Bottom for decades. It is rarely ever seen by a living person, but his victims are almost always found around the intersection of Conch and Coral. It wasn't until someone managed to survive an assault from Skodwarde that a description was made. The survivor's name is Harold Flower who described the killer as a tall, pale squid like demon who looks like that cashier guy at the Krusty Krab.

Skodwarde's true demonic nature.

Skodwarde Squad

A dark day, Squidward Tentacles founded the Skodwarde Squad an evil and morbid groups of creatures destined to destroy the world. After Squidward leaved the leadership passed to Skodwarde.

First Objective

A night in the sewers, Skodwarde decided to destroy Ratigan and the Toxic Army because Ganondork asked him to shut up once the rats in his neighborhood, Skodwarde agreed and with the Skodwarde Squad killed The Toxic Army except Ratigan and Edzilla.

Weegee Murder


Skodwarde started a cruel rivalry with the UMA and Weegee and with the pass of the time the negative relations started when a shadow day...Weegee was murdered by Skodwarde (in that day Ratigan was killed too), in which Dark Tails swore vengeance on Skodwarde, Weegee's murder.

War is declared

Skodwarde declared the war when Dark Tails murdered Spengbab, and SS member and recorded the murder. In which Dark Tails sent the tape to Skodwarde who was enraged by that and orders to Skodwarde Squad to destroy the UMA members at any price.

Skodwarde Squad Destruction

One year later the Skodwarde Squad was in victory, that when Dark Tails launched project "P". Only Skodwarde, Moar Krabs, and Fizzy (who was not really fighting in the war after Tobuscus) survived. The rest now have dog shit in their dead corpses.


Dark Tails later overpowered Skodwarde and killed him using his only weakness...screaming "This is Sparta" and kicking him down a well. Skodwarde was finally dead. Moar then surrendered, he still manages the Krab Krusty today.

The money and resources needed to reanimate the bio army were preserved, however they were entrusted with a certain guy called Colress who probably lost everything by now.

SS Last Stand

A time later he was resurrected like a freaking monster called Giywardeaugh who was destined to terrorize YTP World for all the eternity thanks to Pranktin's morbid plan that he left when he died and the Skodwarde Squad be destroyed.


Fizzy Walnuts and Colress programmed that Skodwarde merges with DEUUEAUGH Fish and Giygas but when Giywardeaugh a time later became the leader of T.D Squad and plans to kill Dark Tails. Unfortunately, Giywardeaugh was killed in The Second War after Dark Tails transformed himself into an equally powerful monster called DarkTeegee Norris (and later Mors) and stole Giywardeaugh's immortality resulting Skodwarde's Death and the Skodwarde Squad comes to his end after that.

Rebirth and Skodwarde's End

Unfortunately, though Skodwarde's body was destroyed his spirit lingered thanks to a secret ability he learned as Giywardeaugh and from there transferred his consciousness into a youthful clone body which he obtained after getting control over Ratigan's laboratory in the sewers. In this body he nearly murdered Dark Tails whom he wanted to get a special revenge for the events of the UMA and Skodwarde Squad wars, but ultimately failed thanks to the Great Mighty Poo's influence. Enraged, Skodwarde unleashed a powerful Weegee Virus that threatened to completely destroy half of YouTube Poop World (including Canada, Mobius, Mushroom Kingdom, Minecraftia etc), only for the Dimension Warriors to combine their power and turn the virus back on Squeegee, incinerating his clone body. But not, unfortunately, his spirit, which continued to linger and went into a new clone body. However, by this point in time Skodwarde found that his clone bodies were decomposing one by one due to genetic tampering caused by the Universe Heroes. Knowing that he would need a new body, he sought out Finn's newly born grass self Fern, only for Link Nukem to shoot him dead in a moment of vulnerability. It was then that the soul of a recently deceased hero bound himself to Skodwarde's soul, ensuring that he could never again return from the dead, ending his reign of terror for good.


  • Ganondork
  • Genocide (and possibly omnicide)
  • Skodwarde Squad members
  • Moar Krabs
  • Nasty Patty
  • The Krab Krusty
  • Torturing people emotionally and physically
  • Evil
  • Murdering people at conch and coral



  • Skodwarde has many transformations, and each of them are five times as dangerous.
  • Even Super Saiyan SpongeBob couldn't defeat him.
  • Despite enjoying all his power, Skodwarde was about to die at the hands of Ratigan who turned into a monster to kill Skodwarde for destroying The Toxic Army.
  • Only Moar Krabs can hold his own against him.
  • There is only one way to beat him, and only one person knows it.

Known Victims