Some of the gang

The Sesame Street Gang (or SSG) is a gang of evil muppet demons on Sesame Street. They are sometimes seen throughout YouTube Poops. They are the worst gang on Sesame Street because they murder those who don't pay their debts to the SSG by hit squad. Their leader is the muppet named Elmo and he rules the streets with a iron fist. Their crimes include the following, murder, drug dealing, gun trafficking, cop killings, and tax evasion.

Tax evasion is what brought down the SSG. The IRS's department of secret cities taxes found a hole in the taxes paid by Elmo and his gangs. Elmo escaped but was caught when he was hiding in his ex-girlfriend's house. All of them went to jail and Elmo got the death penalty for killing officers during his arrest.

A neo-SSG formed when Serena and every pokegirl joined her into tracking down Brawly and raping him. Just to get back at Ash. Brawly made a movie mocking Serena's bullshit team. Brawly and his new family joined togther and got ready to fight the neo SSG.


Neo-Sesame Street Gang

  • Misty
  • May
  • Dawn
  • Iris
  • Serena (founder and leader)




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