(In English) "BUY SEGA SATURN!"

Segata Sanshiro is the guy who taught Chuck Norris. He goes around Tokyo and beat people up for not playing Sega Saturn. He likes to run down with a Sega Saturn on his back.


Segata Sanshiro is extremely violent and will beat anyone who doesn't own a Sega Saturn. He has beaten You multiple times but You is to retarded to learn. Sanshiro loves the Sega Saturn, and is the founder of Segaism.


Segata Sanshiro was born in a small village in Japan. When he was young, he didn't know what he would do in life. He eventually became a black belt in Karatee, but he started to abuse it.

When he was a young adult, the gaming wars began. Sanshiro then started to search long and hard for the perfect console. Eventually, he found it - the Saturn.

Sanshiro then returned to Tokyo and tried to find a company pure enough to sell the Saturn. Viacom heard about the Saturn, and tried to steal the Saturn from Sanshiro in order to abuse it. Lucky, our hero outsmarted Viacom and they ended up stealing the Nintendo GameCube. Sanshiro soon found the perfect company to sell the Saturn, which was re-named the Sega Saturn.

Sega then hired Sanshiro to be the protector of the Sega Saturn. His job was to make sure everyone plays it, which Sanshiro proudly did. Thanks to him, the Sega Saturn became huge.

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