Scoopa Koopa

The Dome City restaurant on opening day.

Scoopa Koopa is an infamous restaurant chain owned by King Koopa. It is known for having better burgers than The Krusty Krab.


Koopa founded it in 1991 to take advantage of the lack of fast food establishments in Dinosaur World, and since then it has been banned nearly everywhere else, including every country on Earth and the Mushroom Kingdom, due to numerous health issues including a tendency for the food to transform its consumers into chicken-like abominations. Mama Luigi and Yoshi became victims of this once, but were cured. Even worse, Koopa occasionally masturbates into the food just to see the customers' reactions. Scoopa Koopa remains popular in Dinosaur World, however, as the Cave People are too slow-witted to care about any of this, and Luigi's failed efforts to grow crops leave them with few other options.


Scoopa Koopa has a decent atmosphere but it is always cold there due to Bowser who doesn't give a shit about electricity. Despite that, the restaurant has a kitchen a bit known for having Weegee's faces everywhere.