Not to be confused with Scientology.


The corporate logo holy symbol of Sciencology.

Sciencology is a small religion practiced in The YouTube Poop World. It is the literal worship of science and the belief that everything must be scientific in some way.


Sciencology was founded by Colress, who needless to say is quite a nerd. After getting an instant erection over a scientific breakthrough, he decided to teach others to be as appreciative to the studies of the world as he is. It started with just a small following (which looked a lot more like a school book club) with Colress, Xerosic, and Charon. Charon suggested making up a god for to which all the other bookworms would give money that they would keep, but Colress was offended be the greedy scientist's blasphemy and kicked him out.

Relation To Other Religion Edit

While Theology is not supported by Sciencology, it is accepted. Sciencology allows the practice of other religion so long as it does not contradict scientific facts (such as believing the moon is made of cheese). However, Sciencologists and Moonists have an unexplained rivalry, their members often colliding in silly arguments on Wikia.


Scientology is concentrated much more in nations like Canada and Bikini Bottom, and having almost no followers in America and Hyrule. This correlation exists also in the territories and commonwealths of the nations. This is likely due to the fact people in those nations tend to live lives more influenced by science.

Canada's increased Sciencology can also be explained by the fact Wumbo University supports it.

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