Saturn is the second in command of Team Galactic.


Saturn went to school with his eventual comrades Mars and Jupiter. He was always picked on by his peers for his short height and never talked to anybody. He found his place with the Jamacian stoners, who found Saturn to be a good time thanks to his ramblings about "space 'n shit."

He joined Team Galactic one day when he saw an advertisement on TV. He then met the charismatic and influential Cyrus who ranted about creating a new world. Saturn invited Mars and Jupiter to the group and the three eventually became commanders. Not long after, he befriended Charon, with whom he would embark on many misadventures.

Saturn is the only one who knows that the Cyrus he knew was killed and replaced with another, since Saturn was asked to help bury the original in the woods.

Saturn wishes to free himself from the friend zone where Mars has left him. He sought help from a Wizard in this, but has not seen much luck since.


Uranus, an unfortunate former member of Team Galactic known for his tight and round ass that always caught the eye of the other members. Of course, it was also the kind you would not want to drop the soap with. Both Saturn and Charon happened to be in the shower room when Uranus did just that. Saturn and Charon were arrested while Uranus had to get 37 anal stitches.