Sans draw by a fanboy

"spaghetti never forgetti"
– Sans

Sans (aka Steven after not surviving) is a character in Undertale and the older brother of Papyrus. He is the final boss of the Genocide Route, and the true final boss of Dimension Warriors vs Universe Heroes: The Power Battle. He is really Mario after his visit on Mustafar. Alternately, he was originally Ness from Earthbound where the events of Halloween Hack begin. Due to Fanfiction and Shipping, he has fucked every other character in existence.


Fighting Sans

He is the main leader of the Megalovania Squad with Dr. Andonuts, Giegue, and Vriska (as leaders too, ya know).

Mus zz megalovania


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How exactly he was created was currently unknown. But most people mainly agree on three of the most common theories:

The first story was when his alive counterpart, Steven Universe was diagnosed with stage III cancer (Leukemia). He could have shattered his gem, lived and was trained to use guns and still save earth from the evil space giraffe. Sans because began to arise finally after Steve died the undead body Sans has come be.

So Many Birthdays 167

Steven, before turning into Sans

  • Alternatively of Steven Universe's death; In the alternate reality of So Many Birthdays, Steven's friends tried to save Steven from dying by celebrating his happy birthday. But however, they failed. The three of them all begin to argue about what to do, and a fading Steven watches them from the ground. Garnet begins to cry, and thus, this is how Sans came to be.

But however, here is one thought: Steven can't possibly be Sans! Steven doesn't have a brother. (I think...)

Another story is that Mario used to be calm when he visited Mustafar until one day, Darth Maul invaded the place and apparently murdered Mario and Luigi. But they didn't die, on the contrary, they survived after being exposed to the energy of Mustafar, their flesh and organs were melted because of the extreme energy which was over Mario and Luigi and thus, they both turned into Sans and Papyrus.

The third story is that Ness had given up trying to go back a long time ago. And getting to the surface doesn't really appeal anymore, either. Cause even if he does... He'll just end up right back here, without any memory of it, right? To be blunt... It makes it kind of hard to give it his all.... Or is that just a poor excuse for being lazy...? Hell if he knows. However, the theory about Sans is Ness is a lie, so the truth is Sans is just some shitty EarthBound fan.

The truth about Sans' identity is that Sans is WAAAAARIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![1] LOL! Just kidding, Sans is Steven Universe. Video 4 proof.

Motlen core - wake me up inside intro reupload-32630756

Character infoEdit


  • Puns
  • His old self
  • The Crystal Gems
  • Jews
  • Robbie Rotten
  • Shrek
  • Hentai
  • Being Undead
  • Bill Gates (for being a brony)
  • Steve Jobs (for being a brony)
  • Hot Dog...?
  • Papyrus
  • Tickle fights
  • Grillby's
  • EarthBound (But he is NOT Ness)
  • Giving people bad time
  • Bonding with you and your two other gay losers, Frisk and Chara
  • Roasting people like Frisk and Chara
  • Farming
  • Toriel
  • Core Frisk (now)
  • You


Trivia Edit

  • According to the Japanese translation, Sans refers to himself as a farmer.
  • He's also a jerk in the Japanese translation.

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