Sanjay and Craig is Nickelodeon's attempt to go back to their roots and actually fucking make cartoons. By making such a decision, their resources limited to the point of once again using a dried out formula; a boy and his talking pet.

Sanjay is the mischievous boy who is unintersting and predictable while Craig is his smarter pet. The writers were too lazy to look up episodes plots that hjave already been used, so expect half of an episode to be farting jokes.

Nickelodeon got an interview of their crappiest show. They quickly answered Sanjay and Craig. They said that they were ashamed of ever making the show. The guy who made the show even said that he knew it was crap but never thought it would reach negative zero stars. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon can't remove it because it's watched by incredibly weird people, like Spoderman.

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