Rust is an Afghanistan HQ of the Nikolaist Government. It is a small HQ located in the middle of the desert of Arabia.



Rust was founded by Osama Bin Laden during the World War III. After Osama's death and the end of the war, this place was completely abandoned due to his excessive radiation level by the several experiments made here. This is also where the first Condom War took place with General Shepherd.


Somewhere in a desert of Afghanistan. Do we look like the geography wiki here? All we know is it's in a bitter wasteland. It is next to a beautiful ugly waterful. There are also rum ours that it is on the border between Arabia and Hyrule, but That Guy Who Moves His Head has declined this.


Osama and the Arabia's army used it to store weapons for the invasion of enemies like Hyrule and Minecraftia with the help of High Charity. Weapons like nukes, shotguns, and other things. It's also used to keep Darkest Night Doomsday in containment until further notice. The place is also a nuclear test facility which is why it's called Rust, not because it looks like a pile of crap.


Rust looks like it is for a reason. After Patrick Star learned that it was used like a secret base of Queen Elsa to kill Wumbo Pary members, he ordered the place to be destroyed while Elsa was ambushed by Mayor Kravindish and the police of Hyrule State Prison. Despite this, Gwonam said that Rust is still in commission. However, the only known worker was Sergeant Foley when he was a prisoner of war and Billy Mays for a few months.

Killed HereEdit

  • Countless humans, mobians, elves, ponies and other races
  • A few of Wumbo Party members
  • Rusty Krap members
  • Private Ramirez

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