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"(buck) hello rudy"
– rudy roars

Rudy is a dinosaur from Ice Age 3 who is PURE EVIL! He has no soul in bloody hell, and is the worst thing you well ever meet in the jungles of stone age

The Birth of Rudy the EvilEdit

Dr. Weird wanted to bring back a dinosaur, so he tried to combine crocodile DNA, with DNA from a fossil. However, somehow allosaurus DNA got mixed with the crocdille and fossil DNA. Then, the lab exploded and out of the ruins came Rudy, a giant dinosaur having no idea of what he is doing. Rudy then ate maxwell, and ran into the jungle, to forever terrorize the jungles and swamps of forest to this day.

Character InfoEdit


  • kills herbavore
  • whispering death
  • hot dog


  • i-rex (rival)
  • freddy fazbear
  • spike

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