Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy
Queen Rosalina
Full Name
Aliases Good
Background Information
Status living in Vancouver with her loving husband, Waluigi
Likes her husband Waluigi
Dislikes everyone who dislikes Waluigi except for Mario and Luigi.
Nationality Space, half Norwegian
Sexual Orientation straight
Physical Description
Species God
Gender Female
Age 0.039 Millennia
Hair Color Blonde-White
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Aqua
Height Depends
Weight Medium
Breast Size depends on how far away Waluigi is
Power Level
Family Spouse (since 2011): Waluigi
Date Joined
Rosalina (aka Peach, Semen Demon, Space Peach) was Nintendo's solution for fans who got sick of the same one dimensional characters over and over again, so they made Rosalina who has a background, a personality and a reason to exist; she keeps the entire universe under her dress and steals Daisy's man.

Rosalina also does horrible at her job because she needs mustached dweeves to get some little stars to save stars when she could just make more stars. Instead, she sends who ever she gets to help on an incredibly pointless adventure that utterly wasted everyone's time. As for being called the Semen Demon, she helped out Mario and Luigi in more ways than meets the eye, at least back in the day.

She is also a member of the First Order, where she aids the villains and would always expand Donkey Kong's dong.

In 2009, she started dating Waluigi, two years later they got married, and two years after this she moved to Vancouver, Canada, Waluigi's hometown.

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  • She is skilled at rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Her gymnastics leotard is one of the many reasons DK would always expand his dong.
  • She can restart space, time and existence all at once.
  • Her hair was originally fully blonde, but very high levels of semen have been absorbed by her hair, giving it that colour.

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