Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy
Queen Rosalina
Full Name
Aliases Good
Background Information
Status Alive (Immortal)
Nationality Space, half Norwegian
Alignment Neutral Good
Sexual Orientation bisexual
Religion Space Catholic
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 25 (physically)
33 (legally)
Hair Color Blonde-White
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Aqua
Height depends
Weight It's complicated
Breast Size depends on how far away someone she's attracted to is
Power Level 5,000
Family Princess Peach (biological mother)
Mario (possible biological father)
Luigi (possible biological father)
Bowser Jr. (biological half-brother)
Jeffy (???)
Date Joined
Rosalina (a.k.a. “Space Peach”) is simply what happens when people complain to Nintendo about its simplistic plots and characters. A time-traveling pregnant Princess Peach gave birth to her in the year 1984 before immediately putting Rosalina up for adoption, thus making Peach and Rosalina roughly the same age chronologically (though Rosalina was given eternal youth in 2006). She is the only offspring of Princess Peach to be related to Mario; however, it’s not clear if her biological father is Mario or Luigi as the geneticist screwed up that day, and Peach refused to pay for another DNA test. She’s really sexy despite eating like a pig due her ridiculous metabolism.


Rosalina is a tall lady. She's six feet tall in her base form, but she can grow taller depending on who's nearby. The tallest she's ever been was an astonishing fourteen foot two. This ability of hers makes getting an accurate measurement for her weight complicated. Her breast size depends on how close she is to someone she's attracted to. She has beautiful light-blonde hair, and aqua blue eyes. She is often seen wearing a light blue dress and sporting a wand (with seemingly no function).


In 2004, Princess Peach was eight and a half months pregnant when Mario accidentally sent her back to the year 1984. Mario wasn’t sure exactly what moment in time he sent her, but he tried his best to rescue her (though for once, it wasn’t from Bowser). He picked her up about six weeks later, but Peach had already put Rosalina up for adoption (though Mario was relieved he wouldn’t have to pay her child support).

Rosalina happened to be adopted by a family of aristocrats, which was fortunate considering she would have eaten a normal family out of house and home. She was home-schooled for much of her life, but she eventually convinced her adoptive parents to let her attend a normal high school, where she quickly became popular.

Mario received help from her in one of his adventures in space, though she mostly stood around while Mario did all the work.

Powers and abilities

Rosalina has psychokinesis. She is able to create a force field to protect herself with these powers. She possesses great power (enough to level a city if she were to train in such techniques) despite not putting it to much use. As stated above, she is immortal and subsequently does not age.

Character Info




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  • She is skilled at rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Her gymnastics leotard is one of the many reasons DK would always expand his dong.
  • She is Space Catholic and attends the same space Church as Kang and Kodos. The distinction between space Catholicism and regular Catholicism isn't entirely clear though, but since she's hot, You can assume it's more practical the way she worships.