"Come here Ed Boy!"
– Rolf giving Eddy the word


Be careful, because he kills your soul if you look at him more than one minute.

Rolf is a teenage nazi who likes burning things and his farm of mutant animals. He also is an uber powerful character in Ed, Edd n' Eddy, and the only guy who can beat him is Ed. He is also a Spaghetti eater and masturbates with it.


Rolf was born in 1887 in the hills of an unspecified European backwater country. During his childhood, he was tormented by wolves in the forest of his neighborhood. Then one day, Rolf beat and raped the shit out of a wolf who tried to eat one of his sheeps. Later, Rolf became the most powerful Nazi weapon during World War II. Unfortunately, Ed defeated him in a shithead battle (resulting in Ed becoming more retarded) and for that, Rolf became a friend of Ed.

Later, he moved to Peach Creek to control everybody in the neighborhood. However, Ed also moved to Peach Creek and butt raped Rolf for betraying him. Afterwards, Rolf created a time machine to prevent the Gods of YTP's born, only for Weegee to send him to Hyrule State Prison in time. Nowadays, Rolf is rotting on his cell.


  • Killing your soul
  • His (mutant) animals
  • Fucking the reality up
  • Raping and torturing people
  • Getting raped


  • Ed
  • When his animals are murdered
  • Mario Head
  • People who underestimate his raping powers
  • Silver
  • Wolves


OLD YouTube Poop Rolf Rapes Reality05:53

OLD YouTube Poop Rolf Rapes Reality

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