Robotnik Says the N Word


WalrusGuy (deleted)
WalrusGuyMEMORIAL (reupload)

Comedy Genres:

Ribaldry, black comedy, satire, observational comedy

Robotnik Says the N Word is one of WalrusGuy's YouTube Poops. It had Dr. Robotnik using the n-word, with a censored bleep.


I think a Doctor Robotnik "I Say" talking doll would be a wonderful, yet disturbing collectible children's toy.

Anyone with me?


Dr. Robotnik gets mad at Scratch and Grounder, calling them terms meaning "idiot" then starts calling them the n-word. Grounder points out that he used "a bad word". He then calls them that again with Alan saying "you can't say that". Robotnik replies saying he says "pingas", "pussy", "butt", "crud" and "sludge" with one more burst of the n-word, shocking many but Dr. Rabbit is shown to approve of this, probably due to WalrusGuy's YouTube Poop called "Dr. Rabbit is Racist".

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