Smb3 e03 reign storm 2 2 youtube 0004

Destroy The Marios.

The Robot Princess was made by Ludwig Von Koopa to destroy Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach so the Koopa family can take over The Mushroom Kingdom.  She appeared in the 7th episode of TAoSMB3, "Reign Terror."  After the first robot was destroyed by the Mario Bros., a Version 2 of her was made to help the Koopas take over the land of YouTube Poop, but she had moar glitching problems than the last one. Rumor has it that a prototype of her is equipped with a weapon system.

Robot Princess Toadstool Moderately Glitches05:22

Robot Princess Toadstool Moderately Glitches

Robot Peach returns!

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros11:37

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Episode 7 "Reign Storm"

Smb3 e03 reign storm 2 2 youtube 0003

Robot Peach's death.

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