Snoo, the reddit logo's own alien! Reddit is a site where you find lots of cool stuff, like cat pictures, porn, and uncivil discussions. 99% of Murica spends at least 12 hours a day on this site.




One of the things that makes reddit superior to Facebook is the fact you can up vote (AND DOWNVOTE) stuff; like text post, links, and comments.

Popular subredditsEdit

  • /r/ funny: Just a bunch of Unfunny crap that somehow got popular.
  • /r/ news: If you want to get depressed, just read a few stories from here.
  • /r/atheism: A place for atheists, agnostics and deists to bask in their supposed superority, while just being neckbeards like PZ Myers.
  • /r/Christianity: Linda like /r/atheism, but for Christians.
  • /r/askscience: Have bullshit questions that you want answered by real scientists? Here is the place to go.

The /r/youtubepoop subreddit logo

  • /r/ytp: Go here to see various YouTube Poops that have yet to get popular. Most people here are shameless self advertisers.
  • /r/ama Have you ever wondered what famous people (or impersononators) have been thinking? Ask here!
  • /r/facepalm: Here you can find (and laugh at) the stupidity of humanity.


We want to warn you, stay on the path, and do NOT tread into the deep, dark forest of reddit! On some subreddits, there are NO rules as to what to post (/r/nsfl is not safe for life), and you can find pictures of people with, erm, tumours, and videos of people getting decapitated.

If you heed this warning, you will see the same mundane stuff, but it is better than the alternative.

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