"Burn! BURN IT ALL!"
– Red Power Ranger burning stuff


The Master Arsonist

The Red Power Ranger is the leader of the evil communion known as the Power Rangers. Similar to the rest of the power rangers, he committed an evil act which pissed off Don Random, one of the gods. He was summoned to serve as a hero for the Earth until he died.

Becoming a Power RangerEdit

The red power ranger was traumatized when Peter Griffin screwed him over a dollar. He became mentally insane and burned down a hotel and killed over 9000 people. Don Random then sentenced him of arson. He became the Red Power Ranger which is why he has weapons of fire and shit.


He has multiple powers

  • The power of Arson
  • Apparently invincible to blasters, explosions, and bullets
    • In other words, a cheap rip off the Matrix.
  • Super Mario Jumping
  • Can survive in the heat of the sun
  • Able to defy the laws of physics


Even as a "protector of the Earth" he committed another act of arson. Cornholio then used his bungholian powers to kill him. A new person took over as the Red Power Ranger, and that lucky fucker was Elmo. However, Elmo was let off the hook because he was too OP to be a power ranger.

Likes and DislikesEdit


  • Arsonists
  • The color red
  • Santa Claus
  • Anime
  • Defying the laws of physics
  • Anyone who gives him a match and lighter fluid
  • Communism


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