"Its Friday, Friday, Friday! Gonna get down on Friday!!!"
– Rebecca Black being annoying

Rebecca Black. The singer of Friday and a bunch of other songs that no one listens to.


It's Friday, Friday. Gonna get down on Friday

Rebecca Black
Full Name
Aliases The Friday Girl
Background Information
Status Arrested
Likes Fridays
See rest in Likes.
Dislikes Mondays
See rest in Dislikes.
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black (duh)
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Dark
Breast Size
Power Level As much as a Super Sayan
Date Joined
Content Music
Rebecca Black is the lesbian daughter of Broly and Elsa. She was raised to be the next Legendary Super Saiyan, but she decided to start singing a bunch of crappy songs. She made millions from her Friday music video and from iTunes sales. She is opposed to Viacom Inc., and she tried to kill Fred Figglehorn and Skodwarde. She moved to Canada (her mother's worst enemy). She became a Bungholian when she moved to Canada. She registered as a member of the The Wumbo Party She became friends with Big G's bratty daughter Mars.

Custody BattleEdit

She was the spark of the war between Arendelle and Planet Vegeta/Neo Saiyan Empire. Broly wouldn't let Elsa see Rebecca Black. That incident first sparked a custody battle which turned into a full scale war. Broly and Elsa mobilized troops and most of the war was fought in Arendelle. Broly and Elsa made up and are back together.

4 Years LaterEdit

When Broly died and Elsa disowned her, Vladimir Alexander Romanov adopted her and took care of her because her parents were assholes and buttholes. Vladimir's best friend Brawly became her adopted uncle. He gave Rebecca her first surfboard and he told her that she is always welcome in Dewford Town. (Until Vladimir needed asylum in Dewford Town after the coup) Her new best friend is May because Mars wanted to stay in Canada.

When scientists for Scientology revived Broly. He went to Dewford Town to claim custody for Rebecca. Brawly let Rebecca go with Broly without problems. Broly and Rebecca moved to Canada to get away from Kakarot's super-saiyan bullshit.



Family Edit

  • Broly (Father)
  • Queen Elsa (Mother)
  • Paragus (grandfather)
  • Former King of Arendelle (grandfather)
  • Former Queen of Arendelle (grandmother)
  • Destiny Hope (Half Sister)
  • Anna (aunt on the mother's side)
  • Fred Figglehorn (cousin)
  • Justin Bieber (cousin)
  • Taylor Swift (aunt on the father's side)

Adoptive FamilyEdit

  • Vladimir Alexander Romanov (adoptive father)
  • User:BrawlyTheGymLeader (adoptive uncle)
  • Britney Spears (adoptive mother because Britney is Vladimir's girlfriend)