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250px-Rainbow Dash in front of cutie mark crop S02E08
Rainbow Dash
Full Name
Background Information
Alignment Varies
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (more lesbian than all other)
Religion Equestrianism
Physical Description
Species Pony
Gender Female
Age 22
Hair Color
Fur Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined

Rainbow Dash (aka Rainbow Crash if she can't head herself again) is one of the "Mane Six" characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is secretly a murderer who wants power at any costs even if that means killing other serial killers.


Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus pony who was born with a mane color gay symbol, that lacks a feminine personality does not help enough, that is why we assume she's a lesbian ... or at least bisexual, it is said that this pony represents feminism to the author due to the dyed hair, others say his hair is the result of a gay orgy mares or just one of the effects of the aforementioned radiation. Her dream is to join the Wonderbolts are some athletes who ponies that do absolutely nothing productive for Equestria besides making his futile acrobatics in the sky, is likely to want to join them to improve her aerial maneuvers.

Powers and Abilities

To be the most athletic pony has the rarest like shit rainbows while flying skills, breaking the sound barrier using the Super Sonic Boom which was taught by one Sonic, have greater resistance to steroids, to masturbate using their wings and more perverse.

She also invented the Wingboner, a sexual reaction which can be viewed on Pegasi (male and female Pegasi). With this, she presents her sexual powers by molesting other people around her or just to show that she wants to clop (Equestrian English/EE for masturbating).

Character Info





  • "Louder."
  • "LOUDER!"
  • Now, careful, Derpy!
  • "Well if it weren't for you turning blonde, I totally would've beaten you!"
  • I won! (the gayme)
  • It needs to be about 20% cooler. (It is not known why of all numbers to be twenty; most assume that Satan will be summoned if it is nineteen.)


  • She represents the element of Loyalty.
  • She is banned from six different countries. What she did in those places is better left unknown.
    • She also finds herself banned from 4chan (usually /b/) on a regular basis. She always manages to come crawling back, though
    • She and Anita Sarkessian were the only people who were ever banned from Canada. The ban was approved by vice-president Comys. During an interview, he said it was because Weegee doesn't like gay pride crap.
  • She once had angry sex with Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Many people want to CUM inside her.
  • She is actually bisexual.
  • She can transform into a shotgun (that's why Yoko Littner likes her)

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