Ragdoll Productions used to be a well-known TV company famous for all its TV programs featuring the use of puppets.  All was well at all times for this hapless corporation and its hapless employees (most of which were Squidwards) until that fateful day when a retard named Anne Wood used her brat skills to force her Squidward workers to produce the creation that would eventually destroy them all: Teletubbies.  Anne's employees, even bigger retards, allowed this.  Retards.

The TeletubbiesEdit

The end of Ragdoll Productions didn't come right away.  While they had their own show, the Teletubbies were actually quite enjoyable.  Yes, everyone loved those mutants.  At least until it came time to take down the show.  Being the retard she was, Anne told the 'Tubbies after their 365th episode that they were losers and should never have been born.  That enraged the Teletubbies.  Evidently, they mass murdered the entire employment. So what was the teletubbies exactly? The teletubbies featured 4 strange, dopy and weird things called the teletubbies who would walk around in their very desserted plain grass landscape known as teletubbie land which doesn't seem to be either an island or border with any other countries of course. The show had an extremely pointless narrator who would tell them to do the most simple things in the world(if this show is set in our world that is) and it would take them about 45 minutes to do it even if it is something as simple as find the grass. At the end of the show a female narrator would then say 'the sun is setting in the sky' and you would think 'no really as if I'm too stupid to work that out on my own'.

Pooping the Teletubbies is like pooping Pingu it's not as simple as you think not a lot goes on unlike Bob the Builder so making poops that are actually funny takes talent, because of this most poops have all the effects used at once to make something incredibly wild, so an obvious sign of a good poop is one that is at least 2 minutes long.


It's not known what happened to R. Prod. that one night on June 2005, but one witness reported some blue flashes, chainsaw noises, a lot of screaming, and the Hohoho-ing of Santa Claus.  The next morning there no traces of R. Pord. anywhere.  Now it is a desolate abandoned factory inhabitated by freaky living puppets and animatronics of all kinds.  It's rumored that all humans who enter...become a puppet as well.  TELETUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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