"Giggity Giggity"
– A Horny Quagmire
Quagmire by iKapow


Glenn Quagmire is one of the most perverted characters all of the YouTube Poop World. He is so perverted that he can't go to sleep at night, unless he has sex. Quagmire has a rank of the top 10 most perverted people in the universe. He has practically unlimited sex energy.

Quagmire gets bail and other shit through sex. Quagmire has a power level over 9000 when it comes to his "hobby". He is friends with idiot Peter Griffin. His only other hobby is to drink until he vomits. Quagmire has literally every STD man has discovered, yet he is immortal to all of them for some weird ass reason. He is diagnosed with a chin tumor for having overkill sex with people.


  • He has a huge chin, most likely a tumor.
  • His most famous quote is "Giggity Giggity" - Quagmire
  • He loves strippers and sex.
  • He pretty much has sex every day. He also needs to have sex to sleep.
  • Quagmire is perverted enough to have sex with Meg.
  • He has over 9000 STD's.
  • Every joke he tells is a sex joke.

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