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Peach's appearance in Hotel Mario

Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario's Girlfriend. She has been kidnapped several times and Mario comes to save her.


  • Thanks to you two, I can safely rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Freed from the terrible Koopaling Klan.
  • And my thanks... to you too.
  • Sweet!
  • La-la-la-la-la-La.
    Super mario bros super show the fire of hercufleas amp the marios fight back youtube 009 0003

    Princess Peach in the cartoon show.



Girl kiss

2 girls, 1 cup. GAY!


She spends 99% of her time sitting in the toilet taking a shit.

She does not like Wiki Article destroyers who say "eh?" at the end of EVERY SENTECE

She also hates people who troll them.
Tumblr lqr3mmTHEp1qzkrfx

"Mario! Save me from The Ice King!"

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