An overview of their traits.

The Politician is an idiot species that somehow controls your country. They have evolved the extreme capability to lie, some spouting bullshit at 500 kilometers/hour.

Types by countryEdit


American politicians are not only liars, but aggressive. They are known to fight with others of their mind to win a seat in something called an 'election'. They fight by usually calling the enemy a Nazi racist communist who is also the leader of a terrorist organization.


In the UK, politicians will often lie by promising thousands of things if they are elected. They might say they will double living standards, cut taxes in half, and make it so Britain is a world power again (we all know this could never happen).


Canadian politicians are often very complacent to their ideology, and will get screamed out of office by their own supporters if they even dare question one notion of such ideology. This has led to a growing radicalization of both the left and right wings of Canada.


Politicians from China don't need to lie about their policies. After all, they will get elected no matter what.


German politicans often don't have the nuts to decide something without a discussion with all members of their party, or being independent from other politicans and/or organizations (especially EU, but also sometimes Murica). This is the reason why it needs long debates till they can vote in new laws or acts, and also then often with other content than widely proclaimed. They are also often known for their lack of charisma.

North KoreaEdit

A bit like the current Chinese government, but even more dictatorship better. Every politician has to obey their glorious leader or else.

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