Pokémon is a Japanese animated reality TV show where the host, Ash Ketchum is a gay kid that likes watching Gumball porn and advertizes animal merchandise and competes in cockfights for a living. It's based on a video game series. By the time the 7th generation is out, there will be over 1000 episodes. It has a knockoff called Chinpokomon, which means PINGAS Monster.


Serena as she appears on Pokemon


On the rare occasion that any form of a plot is used, Ash will dream of becoming a champion of his sick games. A cockfighting tournament is held once a year that Ash always attends, but always loses. Every now and then he'll actually train for the upcoming fights if he feels like it. After every cockfighting tournament, all of his training resets so that he can lose the next year. Sometimes, Ash encounters Team Rocket, but is so blind that he doesn't ever recognise them.



Pokémon is parodied by a website called Pokemopolis, which is full of hypocrisy from Dodgemaster Tim and Lex. In reality, Dodgemaster Tim is a basement dweller who has nothing better to do than to find random ass innuendos in Pokémon and similar anime.

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