Planet Pop Star

Planet Pop Star is the home planet of Kirby and King Dedede, and the dreaded place where all the pop singers come from. Like Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus (Before she turned slutty). Strangely Dedede was also born here, despite his bad singing (not that the others are good at it).  Not much is known about the planet's location in our universe, except that it is in another dimension.


Dedede is the current king of Pop Star.  He was king back when there was peace, and he did a good job of ruling Pop Star, until Kirby attacked Dedede in his own castle and beat him up for no reason, causing many people to revolt against him.  Later, a race of aliens who cannot feel happiness, called Dark Matter, eventually got tired of Pop Singers constantly coming from Pop Star and bombarding them with shitty noise the singers called "The Next Big Things."  Then the Dark Matter attacked Pop Star for many years, trying to wipe out all those singing fools who thought they were cool.  Kirby, being a pink puffball who eats everything, eventually stopped the invasions by eating all the Dark Matter and spewing them out into wherever.  But even today, Pop Star occasionally experiences attacks from soulless psuchopaths who wish to take over the planet.

Even trying to mechanize the planet won't work

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