Yeah! Save this ball of clay and blue liquid that looks like earth!

Earth is a rocky planet where the majority of all things on YTP take place. It has many separate nations which are constantly fighting over incredibly ridiculous things. The planet has one rocky companion called Moon by the Earth's inhabitants. Some believe the earth is a flat disk and NASA is faking every mission.


4.5 billion years ago, some meatballs from Mario the pesky plumber crashed into each other, forming a giant meatball with grease. After lightning struck the grease, that grease formed the life, in which evolved into what we see today, while whatever was left behind formed the water. Then People like Arthur Read, Barack Obama, Bill Cipher, Bowser, Caillou, Candace Flynn, Dora the Explorer, Donald Trump, Jesus, Feminists, Ganon, George W. Bush, Giygas, The Illuminati, Mario Head, Keemstar, The Moon, Plankton and Satan tried to take over. They wanted revenge for what You did.


Earth has a large amount of nations. Nations on Earth rarely agree on things and go to war to settle petty disputes. Over half of the nations on Earth are wastelands due to atomic bombs, tanks, missiles, and other acts of explosions. Each nation also has it's own internal problems which tear the country apart.

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