1024px-Who you callin Pinhead by cusackanne-1-

Who you calling pinhead?

"Who you callin' Pinhead?"
– Pinhead Star
Pinhead Star is a morbid and more stupid version of Patrick Star and a member of the Skodwarde Squad. He committed suicide during the war.


Pinhead Star made his debut in the SpongeBob episode Survival of the Idiots, where Patrick and SpongeBob SquarePants were goofing around in Sandy's treedome, fighting over the role of Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry. Believing he is Dirty Dan, SpongeBob says to Patrick, "Alright, Pinhead! Your time is up!". Patrick's response... "Who you calling Pinhead?" Not long after, both Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry were killed by a squirrel.

Trivia Edit

  • He worships a giant statue of Skodwarde.
  • He is arch-enemies with Moar Krabs
  • Pinhead is actually dirtier than Dan

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