Pikalax1 is a lesser-known Pooper. From his arrival on YouTube on June 24, 2006, Pikalax1 has uploaded over 250 videos, some of which have been privatized after a DMCA claim by Shogakukan against his video "Chimchar Sets Off A Time Bomb (Remake)". He is best known for his series "Pokemon Glitches: Rebirth". As of Memorial Day, 2010, this series had 52 episodes uploaded.

Pikalax1 has experimented with several different free video editors and is planning on recording and uploading a review of each editor in September, 2010. He then plans to poop that review, making himself one of the few Poopers to poop themselves.

The account owner enjoys reading other people's constructive criticism and requests feedback in the Discussion section of this page.

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