The founder of Canada himself.

Peter Peter (1804 - 1899) was one of the founding fathers of Canada. He was born in Hyrule controlled Canada, and eventually grew up to lead the revolution against Hyrule. People constently ask him why his name is Peter Peter, he responded by telling them his parents were crack addicts.



Peter Peter was born in Hyrule Canada, to a human family, he was constantly beaten because humans were seen as inferior to elves in Canada at the time. He attended human school, where he got his nickname "Canada". He barely graduated kindergarden...thirteen years later . At home, Peter Peter was beaten by his parents due to their crack additions.


In 1836, Peter Peter got sick of being beaten, and secretly united a group of other humans and mobians who were sick of it. Under his rule they started a underground rebellion which was dedicated to bringing down the King. Peter Peter urged many more humans and mobians to fight the King's rule.

1st President of CanadaEdit

Eventually, in 1844, the rebels won the revolution. After that, the people chose Peter Peter to be the president, as president, he named the nation Canada after his childhood nickname (Canada in ancient Hyrulian means retarded pedophile). Peter Peter also chose his birth town of Brockville, Ontario to be the capital of Canada, which it still is today. He lead the country for eight years until retiring.


In 1898, Peter Peter announced that he got AIDS. For ten months, he lived with AIDS, due to the fact that there wasn't a cure for AIDS at that time. He eventually died in his house in Brockville on April 24, 1899.