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Peppa Pig is a gore and dark comedy terror british 18+ 2D animated TV program about an sow named Peppa who walks around on 2 legs and loves jumping in muddy puddles with her brother George and she likes to kill Germans because once Adolf Hitler(called by she Adolph Hitler) almost killed her friend Suzy Sheep but she was saved by Hirohito. The pig herself and all her friends parents don't seem to have first names instead her parents even call each other Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig and it even makes you wonder what they were called when they were Peppa's age.

The show is mainly based around animals, however there are talking vegetables in the show such as Mr. Potato, who put on things like Christmas shows. The only human in the show seems to be the queen. Peppa Pig is also a joke for a fat excused brat, but she's not as bad as Caillou.

The Annoying Narrator

The show has a very annoying and pointless narrator who always points out the most obvious things in the show, for example he would say "Peppa is wearing a stripy hat" like the target pre-school audience wouldn't be able to work it out for themselves when they actually can.He is only good when he points out translations in the episode "Delphine Donkey"

Attention in other languages

Spanish, French, Italian, Czech, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese speaking poopers love pooping Peppa Pig.

Some Of Peppa's Poopers

  • Charmx
  • Unbounded Movement
  • YTP andmore
  • Illusion Animations
  • Adam Busacker
  • The Dhel
  • Rya Dilly
  • Edwin Amaya
  • Justin Fones
  • TheBleergh
  • TheFrostyIcecreamSlush
  • TheWackyWeevil
  • Whitetiger cub
  • Nolan 7410
  • LFMarques
  • Cartoon Store
  • Aeros Rift
  • MrEditThat
  • BoTTo & Co
  • DaYTP
  • Mr. POOPer
  • Red Bokkun
  • BonBun Films
  • ParparPeg Hoork
  • TheGamingGuys
  • Amy Reyes
  • DarkPoop
  • Sly Ninja
  • My4Tune
  • OfficialZaire
  • gio xvirtual
  • Official Ultimate Gamer
  • ENIMc4 PooP
  • Tyce Wood
  • Kvxo _
  • fang3207
  • Hannah Q'quinn
  • Azech Productions
  • Alexander Nasatti
  • stained goblin
  • TV adverts & more
  • Michael Garcia
  • ilNiK99
  • Inskwao YTP
  • trollare poop
  • andrei pascu
  • ZordyBird Studio
  • Gaming Man
  • Znuffle
  • Ghostkat
  • Holly sox
  • federico alallala
  • Ashtonzilla I.N.C.
  • Paperking99 (all of his Peppa Pig poops have been removed from YouTube because of copyright, but some have been reuploaded on other video websites like Vimeo and VidLii)


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The Wrath of Kidz Clips

In 2016, a YouTube channel by the name of "Kidz Clips" started to claim a lot of Peppa Pig poops, leaving them blocked worldwide. YouTube Poopers have gotten pissed off at them for this, and they intend to stop Kidz Clips' tyranny.