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"I may be stupid but I'm not dumb!"
– Patrick

Patrick Drooling

You have some serious ass problems if you find this piece of turd funny.

King Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick "Not Rick" Star III of Bikini Bottom is a one-toothed irisless genius starfish who lives next door to Squidward Tentacles and SpongeBob SquarePants. He lives under a rock where he does absolutely nothing but entertain the masses. He is the most creative character in the YouTube World. He has also shown to be innovative, gentle, and especially (secretly) clever.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Patrick was born to Herb and Maggie Star but shortly and had a happy childhood growing up. Eventually Patrick grew up and into his own rock. Unfortunately, Patrick quickly forgot about his parents leading him to believe a random couple named Janet and Marty were his parents.

Getting a JobEdit

For years, Patrick lived alone doing nothing but sleeping and using up all his welfare checks in order to buy fast food. However, one day Patrick got jealous that Spongebob got a hat so Patrick applied to work at the Krusty Krab however do to a rare genetic disorder, Patrick was physically unable to wear the Krusty Krab hat without falling down. This lead to Patrick becoming the laughing stock of Bikini Bottom. Patrick was eventually fired.


It was eventually discovered that Patrick was a descendant of royalty, and as such he was crowned as King of Bikini Bottom. During this time Patrick learned about Communism from Justin Trudeau. Patrick, of course, didn't understand economics but he learned that under Communism he can take anything he wants as long as he says he is "nationalizing" it. Patrick proceeded to "nationalize" the Krusty Krab, some guy's wallet, Squidward's House, and Old Man Jenkins.

This ChannelEdit

Patrick's mental deterioration is believed to have been caused by viewing This Channel. He was only seen viewing it once, but his disdain for it suggests he has seen its content before.


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  • Much like the inside of Kirby, there's a entire pocket dimension located within Patrick's(big, scary, and pink) bellybutton.
  • In real life, when a starfish loses a limb, the limb will grow back and the limb will grow a body. Patrick has this ability, causing the existence of the fakes.
  • Due to everyone calling him fat, Patrick tried to get in shape. It worked at first, but he got too in shape after his fat sucked away. This was seen in the lost Spongebob short "PATRICK GETS IN SHAPE "
  • Despite he is so retarded, he and his retarded group of Bloopers/Inklings won the Spongebob VS Patrick Splatfest for unknow reasons, after this, SpongeBob tried to kill him, without success
  • Trevor Philips once tried to kill Patrick only because he thought he was a Majin.
  • It is unknown who is stupider him or Billy.
  • Helga Pataki once beat the crap out of Patrick which gave him a fear of big pink bows.
  • Patrick has numerous bootlegs, such as Pehtrek, Patjerk, and Rick-Pat.
  • Disturbingly enough, Patrick has been eaten sperm, As heard in "Chocolate with Nuts". This is cannon in that episode. Proof: It was later found he say "PLEASE SPARE ME."