"Let's Get Naked!"
– Patrick
Patrick Star (born February  26, 1986; age  31) is a stupidly one-toothed irisless starfish who lives next door to Squidward Tentacles and SpongeBob SquarePants. He lives under a rock where he does absolutely nothing but sleep most of the time. Other than sleeping, he acts like an annoying little child (he is an annoying little man child) and sometimes comes out to do the same with his equally irritating friend, SpongeBob.

Like the American youth, Patrick has gone from loveable yet absent minded to a selfish yob that people can somehow stand to be around. Patrick is one of the most popular characters because children can relate to this retarded whale better than any other character.

He is the most retarded character in the YouTube Poop World. He has also shown to be insane, stupid, and especially dumb.

Wumbo Party and President of Bikini BottomEdit

Patrick Drooling

You have some serious ass problems if you find this piece turd funny.

In 2008, Mr. Krabs made Patrick pay his Krabby Patty bill. Patrick got outraged, and took it out on the government. Patrick then started his own party, known as the Wumbo Party. He won in a landslide vote, and today he is the President of Bikini Bottom.

The ChannelEdit

Patrick's mental deterioration is believed to have been caused by viewing This Channel. He was only seen viewing it once, but his disdain for it suggests he has seen it's content before.


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  • Despite he is so retarded, he and his retarded group of Bloopers/Inklings won the Spongebob VS Patrick Splatfest for unknow reasons, after this, SpongeBob tried to kill him, without success
  • Trevor Philips once tried to kill Patrick only because he thought he was a Majin.
  • It is unknown who is stupider him or Billy.
  • Helga Pataki once beat the crap out of Patrick which gave him a fear of big pink bows.
  • Patrick has numerous bootlegs, such as Pehtrek, Patjerk, and Rick-Pat.
  • Disturbingly enough, Patrick has been eaten sperm, As heard in "Chocolate with Nuts". This is cannon in that episode. Proof: It was later found he say "PLEASE SPARE ME."

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