Patman Post is a series of YouTube Poops by Seamus Lochgius, a pooper from the United Kingdom. It began on October 21, 2013 with Patman Post is a really terrible driver.

It focuses on the eponymous protagonist Postman Pat (AKA Patman Post).


Screenshot Title Aired Episode No.
PatmanPost1 "Patman Post is a really terrible driver" (Series premiere) October 21, 2013 1
In which Patman Post races his tuned-up van down country lanes and is revealed to have a rather curious hobby.
PatmanPost2 "Patman Post in snow motion" March 23, 2014 2
In which Patman Post literally gets his skates on and Mrs Goggins loses it.
PatmanPost3 "Patman Post camps it up" June 20, 2014 3
In which Patman Post is plagued by elusive visitors and endorses a local distillery.
"Patman Post and German Expressionist cinema" July 1, 2014 4
In which Patman Post is surprisingly found to have Surrealist silent-film antecedents.
"Patman Post is diverted" November 5, 2014 5
In which Patman Post is hindered by an acromegalic amphibian and Jess faces an identity crisis.
"Patman Post investigates" December 12, 2014 6
In which Patman Post finds a body on his hands and the Post Office gets done.
"Patman Post re-investigates" (Series finale) August 20, 2015 7
In which we see the epic conclusion of the mystery.

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