Paper Mario's Rape Face

Paper Mario is a form of Mario in an alternate universe. In that universe, everyone is able to speak except Paper Mario and because Paper Mario can't hear, he has to make grumbling noises like "ouch" or "oh no". In that universe, everything is made out of paper or similar. Paper Mario is nearly iinvincible. He also has an evil brother named Paper Luigi.


Paper Mario was born when Beethoven and worm have sex, hence Mario's deafness, and inability to say actual words. Paper Mario is NOT related to Paper Luigi. Anyway, Paper Mario is given a hammer by Beethoven, and because of that he was able to rescue Paper Europe from Paper Ganon.

Life As A HeroEdit

As a hero, Paper Mario has saved

  • Paper Poland from Paper Nazis.
  • Paper Towers from Paper-made Suicide Bombers.
  • Paper Luigi from Paper Bowser.
  • Gay Luigi from Paper Homophobes.

Love interestsEdit

Paper Mario is quite the juggalo when it comes to love. He has had sex with many creatures including Lady Bow, Vivian, and even Tipi. Paper Mario does not have to worry about STDs because in that universe, no one can get STDs. Mario has had sex with nearly every female character in Paper Mario.


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