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PaRappa is such one hell of a cool dog rapper in videogames, but sometimes he is awful doing it. Whenever he is cool, he is so proud of himself, but whenever he is awful, he thinks that he's a dick.

Character Info

He has 5 friends: PJ Berri, Sunny Funny, Katy Kat, Matt Major, and Paula Fox. As for Sunny Funny, she's his girlfriend.

His favorite breakfast, just like Fat Mario's, is toast! He also owns a special printing toaster based on him. He really enjoys toasting toast with it, but sometimes when he does that, he fucks up. He is also a pervert!.


PaRappa dog is a drug addict rapper who wants to win the heart of his beloved Bunny Munny (a girl with expensive cigar) and then you will get help from your friends, Pattie Kot (a pretty crazy bitch) and PDM (a bear). To achieve conquer will face against his rival Du Caching.

To conquer PaRappa has to do various actions such as learning to get high, have sex, make money, cooking.

The character has a tagline, "I gotta drug!" (I Drug), which will serve as a stimulus before each level.

How to Play

PaRappa the Drugger the rhythm of rap music, the player must press the buttons to select the sequence in the right moment to get drugs.

There are 4 levels of acceptance accompanying the phrase "U" drugging "Crazy, Average, Good and Very Good. The standard is exceeded when reached or maintained level up Crazy. When the player reaches Crazy PaRappa teachers let you step so you can dance like a madman.

If the player falls below Good to finish the song, lost and have to repeat the song again. If just below Very Good prematurely stops the song and also will have to start again.


  • Believing (You don't wanna know what he believes in)
  • PJ Berry
  • Matt Major
  • Paula Fox
  • Kate Cat (His favorite sex toy, not his girlfriend)
  • Sunny Funny (His girlfriend)
  • Toast
  • Toasters (Especially space-age toasters)
  • Himself (When he's in a euphoric stage)
  • Rapping
  • When his self-esteem is high
  • Crack


  • Himself (When he's in a downtrodden stage)
  • People who can't or won't believe
  • Burnt toast
  • When his self-esteem is low
  • Noodles (especially spaghetti)
  • Beign though as such a baby
  • Not having crack.


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