Real name

Ayumu Kasuga






Presumed Active

Osaka is a special needs student from Azumanga Daioh. She is well known for not knowing what a scary story is, falling aleep during class, not being aware of what is going on, and saying very idiotic things.

Drug AbuseEdit

Osaka Acid Trip

Osaka while having really bad acid trip.

Osaka has many times been arrested for drug possession and use. The most notable time is when she was seen sniffing cocaine during her school's Sports Fest. She was also caught doing acid with Mr. Krabs.

Other CrimesEdit

Nazi Osaka

Banned scene from Azumanga developed in 1943 remastered in color

Osaka once scared her teacher Yukari Tanizaki half to death on a retreat by wielding a knife (in her defense, Osaka thought it was a frying pan, which she was going to bang with a wooden spoon to wake Yukari up).

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