Only fools and horses is a British television program created by the BBC. Which as of 2014 has only had around 6 poops of it done. Is remembered as the worst television series in the history of mankind, which achieved the misfortune in the early 60's playing something similar to rock, pop and musique concrete. Since then it is one of the few tv shows of a single success of this legendary era.


Originally from the suburbs of Liverpool ("liver pool" in Spanish), England, the characters were so retarded and so childish. Rooted in hip hop and the Australian dulcimer fifties, the tv show experimented later with various hallucinogenic musical genres, ranging from rock to orthopedic Gregorian metal. The cast of the show career ended abruptly after the arrival of Super Mario Bros Tv show, which not only change the ratings of the cast to a more strange, if not that convinced Adolf Hitler leaving this tv show, ending the tv show largest in the world.

A producer told them one day that "the adult tv shows are doomed." However, the Only Fools and Horses were so successful that more than three decades after their separation and half of his absent members, continue producing new episodes. Besides countless compilations of the same old greatest ratings, they released for sale Anthology, which includes most repeated themes but poorly recorded above. They also mixed all items together in Hyrule State Prison.

This series unleashed great controversy and much debate, for the topics treated, from gay marriage and the adoption of chimpanzees and rocks as a child between same-sex couples, the trends looked crazy represented in Berk and his fetishism towards seeing My Little Pony. Thanks to these topics Only Fools and Horses was treated as a series for over 21 years and 10 months, but we are sure you saw without permission anyway.


For the guilt of these two episodes were banned in all the world, the two episodes are unknown but the plot is about Annoying Orange getting cancelled and everybody committed suicide. The program also was banned in Vatican City as they say the program brought atheistic ideas.

Notable PoopersEdit

  • DashMan360
  • ploony
  • joe1averell4
  • spongebot64

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