He likes a lot of GLITTER!

Ong, is the much lamer and much blunter narnia-world doppelganger of Aang from The Last Airbender show. 

What is an Ong?Edit

Ong is a flimsy ballerina who has a green belt at the art of "dancebending" who can't distinguish between twirling and kung-fu. After being denied from several strip clubs because he was a nun, he decided to pursue his acting career and subsequently got cast into the EPIC FAIL of a movie. To this day, he still pretends to be an Asian even though he is clearly from Narnia.

Ong was a central character in the M. Night Shitupon disaster movie: The Last Airbender (2010) With respect to the name, that would likely be his last film. 

Criminal RecordEdit

Due to the lack of understanding of his "powers", Ong has a long lists of arrests involving indecency, misconduct, and mischief. 

1. In August 6, 2010, Ong was arrested for a bank robbery, after trying to make up for the major box office fail of his movie. 

2. In February 2011, Ong was arrested after blowing up too many miniskirts with his airbending. 

3. Ong was arrested after burning Katara with his wayward firebending. 

4. Ong committed a mass murder in the 2012 Super Bowl Stadium as the volume of crazy fans prevented him from meditating. His charges on this crime is withheld as the death count has not been made official. 

5. In the early months of October 2013, Ong was arrested for scaring the hell out of the Philippines by threatening them with a giant wave. 

6. Ong was detained by Sam Worthington and his blue-skinned buddies because Ong still cannot go into the AVATAR STATE. 

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